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Vocations Sunday 26th April 2015

This Sunday has traditionally been called “Good Shepherd Sunday”. The Gospel focuses on Jesus who has given his life for us and asks us to trust in him and hear his voice which will lead us throughout life. Once again, Jesus trusts in each of us, but do we trust in him and therefore in ourselves?

The Apostles had not been very faithful to Jesus at first. Yet, as we hear in the first reading, they learned to trust in him and in themselves. Based on their own experience, they invite the leaders and elders to repent and believe because they know that Jesus has not given-up on them. They know that anyone can turn his/her life around and serve the Lord.

All vocations in the Church require not perfection but rather trust in the Lord who believes in each one of his followers and will lead them. Priests, Brothers, Deacons, Sisters, Lay leaders, are not perfect people and yet they are called. Jesus calls each of us to some service of others.

He believes so much in you that he has given his life to save you.

Today he is calling. Are you listening? Do you trust? Will you respond?

Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC