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13th Sunday Ordinary Time 28th June 2015

“Touching the untouchable”

Gospel Reading: MK 5:21-43

The first reading reminds us that God does not rejoice in the destruction of the living. The Gospel shows us what that means.

Jesus invites us to rejoice in giving life by being instruments of hope and healing by fearlessly “touching the untouchables” in our lives and in our world.

In the Gospel we have two people who are facing sickness and death: one, a dying child only twelve years old; and the other, a woman who for twelve years has faced worsening sickness and as a consequence, isolation. Touching the body of a dead child as well as touching a hemorrhaging woman would be considered wrong and ritually impure in Jesus’ time and yet Jesus does just that and they are healed and brought back to life.

Who are the “untouchables” in our lives? Where do our prejudices lie? Who do we avoid? Who do we judge as wrong, sinful and so justify their exclusion from our lives?

Where are the wounds in my own life experiences that have been so painful that I continue to carry them because I am afraid to touch them?

Usually there is a connection between those whom I reject (untouchables) and that part of me that I reject as untouchable. Fear and self-rejection feed the wounds which nourish the hate and indifference that cause despair and death in our world.

Healing and new life will only happen when we look to Jesus and with him face what needs to be healed in our own lives so that we can be open to all others and be ready to offer his healing touch to them. No one is to be excluded. Everyone needs to be healed by his love and then be instruments of hope, healing and life to others.

Today we are invited to “touch the untouchable” and so be healed and given new life.


Fr. Joseph Jablonski, MSC