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Remembrance Sunday 8th November 2015

Remembrance Sunday:

We come together today Citizens of earth and of heaven To remember: To remember with pride and appreciation Those who have given their lives in service of others To remember with dismay The suffering, destruction and pain caused by human conflict To remember with gratitude Those whose lives, love and friendship, ours has been the privilege to share To remember with sadness Those whose death has caused us loneliness and pain We come together not to glorify or celebrate war and conflict But to recognise its cost And commit ourselves to be peacemakers and peacekeepers Wherever that opportunity falls within our grasp. Whatever our view And whatever part we may have had to play in the theatre of war and conflict We express our common humanity Bypausing to recognise the value and worth of every life lost And so express the mystery That to be human is to be both marred by our common failings Yet fashioned in the image of our Creator. And in our remembrance We give God thanks for memory itself Through which we are forever warned by the mistakes of the past And enriched by experiences that can no longer be known in the present. Let us pray:

Almighty God – we seek your presence as we come together in this act of remembrance. Help us not to hide from you our sorrow and our pain as you also inhabit our joy and thanksgiving. May all our acts be open to your scrutiny, that we might indeed strive upon this earth, to embrace the values of Heaven. By Your Holy Spirit enfold us afresh in your love and healing, and through the sacrifice of Calvary, inspire us again with the promise of eternal life, and that great example of self-giving. You have called us to take up the cross and to follow You, yet too often we prefer the tools of war and words of conflict. We acknowledge our failure to live as true children of one Creator; forgive us that which cannot be undone; comfort us as we live with its consequences and empower us to build a better world in service and obedience to You. Through Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN