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John Paul II Awards

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

The Pope John Paul II Award offers young people the chance to learn the way of service and to develop the skills of Christian leadership. Christian service gives them the opportunity to think beyond themselves and their own needs and to reach out to others. The way of leadership based on knowing the person and the teachings of Jesus gives them the skills to use their talents with enthusiasm and energy for the benefit of all.

This Award is dedicated to the memory of Pope John Paul II. He showed a great love of and confidence in young people. Even as he grew older, he reached out to them and presented to them the challenging message of Jesus Christ. At the many World Youth Days at which he presided, he constantly showed his belief in, and enthusiasm for young people. At the World Youth Day in Rome in the year 2000, he told over a million young people “If you are what you should be, you can set the world on fire”.

We have 20 5th year students from Killinarden Community School who are taking part in the Awards this year and I’m delighted to say that all 20 are aiming for the Gold award. This means that each student will have to undertake 20hours Parish work and 20hours Social/Community work. Most of our students will be helping out at our weekly masses, volunteering with after school programmes, volunteering with local youth clubs etc.


The Award means that not only are our youth becoming more active and involved in our Parish but it is also a great way of developing their inter-personal skills and boosting their confidence. So if you see them in mass or around the parish make sure to go up to them and say hello! Our students are really exited about taking part in this project and I know that everyone will support and pray for them during this time.


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