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Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Councils are at the service of mission and evangelization.  They are not debating societies or places for honorary membership.  They should facilitate the coordination of parish services regarding:

  • the proclamation of the Word of God and faith formation, especially for the young,
  • the fostering of the sacramental, liturgical and prayer life of the parish,
  • the support of marriage and family life,
  • the strengthening of commitment to social justice and caring for the marginalised,
thereby ensuring that the parish communities be true witness to the love of Jesus.
Parish Pastoral Councils must also provide leadership in reaching out to young people and engaging them in their questioning about faith.  They should look to new members of their communities, especially the new Irish and ensure that people of different nationalities and cultures find their place in the liturgy and parish life.  They must address social challenges.
Our chairperson is Nicky Keane